Transient + Bastard Noise - "Sources of Human Satisfaction" LP


TRANSIENT have returned to the Six Weeks roster with their most potent and violent release to date: Sources Of Human Satisfaction. While still maintain their trademark mix of death metal, grindcore and hardcore punk they have on this, their second LP, teamed up with the experimental noise monster know as BASTARD NOISE (ERIC WOOD, MAN IS THE BASTARD) to create a deadly, disturbing take on modern metal and hardcore. To make things even more insane they have added to talents of Brandon Hayden (ENDORPHINS LOST) on guitar to assemble a brand new look into this incredible, extremely talented band. Yes, the riffing is still completely destructive, the drumming is exceptionally brutal and the fire breathing vocals of Krysta Martinez (LANDMINE MARATHON) remain to be the touchstone and standout aspect of this group.

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