Deconsecration / Noizegoat "split" 7"

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Deconsecration is a scorched mid-point between old school death metal and doom death. Established scene veterans playing an informed style of death metal that, like the best horror movies, carries on atmosphere rather than cheap shock ploys. Creeping riffs, divebomb guitar solos, and that thundering double-bass work that'll put your neck in a brace.
Their side is one track showcasing their dynamic style that relies as much on speed and brutality as it does a slow depressing march to hell.

Noizegoat returns after a split 12" on RSR and two albums that were not distributed outside Japan. They're touted as the second coming of Corrupted, a cataclysmic heaviness and oppressive darkness. But while Corrupted relies on the heaviest riffs that grind you into submission, Noizegoat throws harsh noise into the mix to create a layered audio assault that envelops you in smoke and mystique.
On this split, they play variations on a theme, with one surprising fast track and one proper slow one.

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