Sidetracked / Isolation As Cult "split" LP (Italian Import)

$21.99 - $22.99

Diehard marbled gold vinyl limited to 100 copies.
SIDETRACKED: Tacoma, WA frantic power violence champions deliver 14 exclusive tracks (recorded in 2018) of annihilating fast hardcore to leave you completely floored and devastated. Taking the best elements of fast US hardcore and power violence and blending them together in a grinding cyclone of rapid tempo changes, neck breaking blasts and raging vocals. ISOLATION AS CULT: 180 song pulverizing noisecore hecatomb at its fiercest degradation stage. Combining the old school extremism of 7MON, Fear Of God, VNA, AxCx, Crawl Noise with Japanese filthnoisepunk influences (Gai, Confuse, Toxo-Vomit, State Children). Featuring: GTB (Cripple Bastards) / HOD (Toxic Basement Studio). Get ready for a lethal overdose of micro-song nihilism! LP with insert and bonus I.A.C. sticker. Includes bonus IOC green flexi 7" as well.

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