The Path - "Prison Planet" LP


"Prison Planet" is a story about the future, a future where humans have expanded throughout the galaxy, constructing cities across the stars while the Earth continues to deteriorate. On Earth, we have discovered innovative methods to endure. The deserts have flourished, engulfing the once-lush forests. The majority of the population resides in work camps, equipped with various levels of defensive capabilities, where they labor under supposedly "safe" conditions, mining for the collective effort. How do we measure success? How do we reconcile our actions with the outcomes we have achieved? Will we ever reach a consensus on our aspirations? While we cannot provide solutions to all the world's problems, we can offer you a story featuring Spiderbears.

This is our first recorded release with our current lineup. Two years ago added Jimi (Human Obliteration, He Died) on drums and Ryan (Eagles Fan, Nerds Raging) on bass and we are very excited to show everyone what we've been working on. We continue to pull from all of our backgrounds to create something that fits all of us. Short, fast, loud. Blastbeats? Yes! Breakdowns? Yes! Circle Pit into a 2-step part? Yes! Everything that is sick is permitted. Get into it.

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