Dropdead - "Demos 1991" LP (Color)


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Red colored vinyl in a prnted heavyweight inner sleeve housed in a heavy board outer jacket with download card.

"Here we sit 30 years later and listening to these remastered demos we find these tracks just as powerful as the first time I heard them... Primitive, ferocious music where the lyric sheet matters" - Razorblades and Aspirin

This LP compiles the first and second demos plus one compilation track all recorded in 1991. Raw primitive versions of songs that the band started with and slowly developed into tracks for the early EPs and first LP, plus a couple relevant covers. Some of these tracks are still played at live shows today in 2020 almost 30 years later. Demo one has 17 songs recorded at WRIU live to reel to reel and has been restored by Kurt Ballou at God City. Demo two has 8 tracks recorded on a home 4 track, original unmixed master cassette given to Chris Corry at the Paincave to restore. Several on this tracks were never before released. The final track is a completely Hellhammer style version of the outro to Kiss' Black Diamond recorded for a local Providence Kiss covers cassette, many years later it was included on a vinyl 8" record that accompanied Rocktober Magazine issue 22. All in all a rough, noisy & raw document from the early days released on vinyl for the first time.

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