Sissy Spacek - "Ways Of Confusion" LP (Import)


The long-standing duo of noise overlord John Wiese and drummer extraordinaire Charlie Mumma (with a rotating cast of others), Sissy Spacek’s music has always been the sound of pure chaos, with sound playing an important role. Wiese’s laptop mania may signify the idea of “noise” here, but the real chaostar is Mumma’s drumming — explosive drifts of arrhythmic drum sound and horrific cymbal screeching matching its partner’s digital noise, ultimately guiding each other into madness.

The “music” found here is aimless, but still defined by pure momentum. Sissy Spacek’s latest album is confounding, following many Ways to Confusion across its countless brief tracks. Filthy, crunching, strange sound, never fully moving into the crutch of structure, riffdom, or anything resemblant of traditional music at all, Sissy Spacek instead transcends into post-modernity and absurdism. Why create music when one can create complete chaos, and how can one craft chaos from music at all?

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