Jalang - "Santau" LP (German Import)


  • Image of Jalang - "Santau" LP (German Import)
  • Image of Jalang - "Santau" LP (German Import)

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A new band that continues where their former band, Lái, left off; fast, ferocious and pissed-off hardcore with an unbriddled streak of defiant outrage. Alda’s inspirational vocals are a deeply sincere barrage of projectile venom and rabid fury, delivering – in both Bahasa Indonesian and English – narratives that explore politics, religion, feminism and queer rights in South East Asia. Joining her in Jalang are Timmy (Extinct Exist, Pisschrist, Schifosi) on guitar, Tessa (Ubik, Masses) on bass , and joined recently by Kyle (Sheer Mag) on drums. “One of the most intelligent, crucial and viscerally exciting Australian punk releases in years.” Essential for anyone who digs any kind of fast, political punk, especially fans of Torso, Kohtoi Tuhoa, Scatha and Disaffect. The inclusion of a version of “Indochina” by Crucifix speaks volumes – very apt.

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