Crow / See You In Hell "split" 7" (Import)


CROW, the man, has been incredibly prolific these days. New band KAIBOUSHITSU, a fairly new record for his psychedelic band DEATH COMES ALONG, and a handful of new CROW (the band) records! This release seemed to slip under the radar. One day I hear about it and a few days later I have it in my paws. CROW (the band) hails from Osaka, Japan, and while they began playing thrash that was recorded in a disctinctly lo-fi method, they have since become more metallic in their riffs and recording methods. The two tracks here are very similar to the records released by Prank within the past few years. For SEE YOU IN HELL, while, I’ve seen the name for years, this was the first I’d heard them. Holy. Fucking. Hell. Awesome and tight straightforward hardcore, with great guitar riffs and leads - will definitely check out their records next time I see them. To top it all, incredibly cool packaging: fold-out cover, great artwork, just wow... mandatory purchase here, folks!
(VL, Maximum RocknRoll issue 314)

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